Marcos Fernandes

On Stage
  • 3/2 Uoichi at Airegin in Yokohama
  • 3/15 w/ Kio Griffith, Yasuhiro Usui, Miki Naoe, Hiroaki Morita and others at BankArt in Yokohama
  • 3/18 TNBT at Shichoushitsu 3 oin Yokohama
  • 3/24 w/ Masatoshi Utashima at Karakoro Kobo in Matsue
  • 3/25 w/ Posuposu Otani, Kenichi Kira at Shichoushitsu 3 in Yokohama
  • 3/29 TheArgonauts at Super Deluxe in Tokyo
  • 4/7 w/ Takehiko Nakamura, Yoshihasru Hiramoto, Kazuaki Koyamsa, Yuko Takahashi at Art Baboo in Yokohama
  • 4/13 w/ Asahiko Takahara, Jun Kawasaki at Oto No Kintoki in Tokyo
  • 4/19 Melt at 7th Floor in Tokyo
  • 4/21 TNBT at The Club Sensation in Yokohama
  • 4/22 Argonoise at Bar Move in Yokohama
  • 4/29 Wabi Sabi Club at Shichoushitsu 3 in Yokohama
  • 4/30 The Argonauts at Nekoya in Yokohama
In the Studio

Marcos appears on Hiroki Misawa's new release Discovery - Yume No Yokohama as a member of Wabi Sabi Club. He also contributed a track to IM PEACH by The League of Assholes available for free download from Titicacaman Records. The Argonauts' 3-song EP entitled Proxima b, a follow-up to 2016's Here Come The Argonauts!, was recently released from Accretions. Departing from the debut full length's song-oriented format, Proxima b finds the band venturing further out into the cosmic edges of prog and space rock.

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