Marcos Fernandes

On Stage
  • 4/27 w/ special guests at Art Baboo in Yokohama
  • 4/28 The Bayside Swingers at Golden Cup in Yokohama
  • 4/19 TNBT at Shichiousjitsu Sono 3 in Yokohama
  • 4/20 w/ Honmoku Blues Express at Antenna America in Yokohama
  • 4/21 Solo at Jinen Source in Yokohama

  • 5/1 w/ Chihiro Butterfly, Miki Naoe, Naoyasu Takahashi at OTOOTO in Tokyo
  • 5/2 Marcos & The Wild Machinations at The Club Sensation in Yokohama
  • 5/11 w/ Rem Yashio, Takehiko Nakamura, Philip Brochen, others at Choja in Yokohama
  • 5/18 w/ Mamiko Hosokawa at LAND FES Vol. 11 Shirakawa in Tokyo
  • 5/19 TNBT at Zounohana Terrace in Yokohama
In the Studio

Marcos has started work on a solo album, a long-overdue follow-up to Hybrid Vigor (2002). In 2018, Marcos released two singles, The Heat Is On and Melody, with The Argonauts. He also contributed tracks to RAW MEAT DIET and IM PEACH The Sequel both produced by Marcelo Radulovich. Marcos also appeared on Hiroki Misawa's Discovery - Yume No Yokohama as a member of Wabi Sabi Club.

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