Marcos Fernandes

On Stage
  • 04/07 w/ Yashio Ren. Takehiko Nakamura + others at Hazuki Hall House in Tokyo
  • 04/15 w/ Jyoji Sawada, Momoko Motion at Shichoushitsu Sono 3 in Yokohama
  • 04/19 w/ Fumijiko Nakanishi, Jyoji Sawada, Samm Bennett at Kouendori Classics in Tokyo
  • 04/24 w/ Keikin Shu, Satoshi Yamada at Neko No Mise in Yokohama
  • 05/09 The Wild Machinations at Valentine Drive in Nagoya
  • 05/10 The Wild Machinations at Helluva Lounge in Kobe
  • 05/11 The Wild Machinations at Socrates in Kyoto
  • 05/18 w/ Posuposu Otami at Shichoushitsu sono 3 in Yokohama
  • 05/26 Blue at Shichoushitsu sono 3 in Yokohama
  • 06/01 w/ Miki Naoe, Mitsuru Kotaki, Keikin Shu at Shichoushitsu sono 3 in Yokohama
  • 06/14 The Wild Machinations at Thumbs Up in Yokohama
  • 06/28 The Wild Machinations at Yellow Vision in Tokyo
  • 07/11 w/ Mizuho Jota at Violon in Tokyo

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In the Studio

Marcos and poet Roger Aplon's new album, Of What i've Seen hit the streets on September 1 from Accretions. OurTown's second album, Dreams of You, is now available on CD from Bandcamp. Burning Bridges' first full length album, compiling their 1987 and 1988 EPs, is the latest addition to his music archive on Bandcamp. Marcos has written new material for The Wild Machinations follow-up album slated for release in 2024.

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