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Listen to live recordings from Percussion Sound/Shift.

Uoichi at Sabaco (Ayumi Uesaka)
Wormhole at Shichoushitsu Jinbocho (Ryoichi Aratani)
Carl Stone, MF, Rodolphe Alexis, hiroki Sasajima at Merdre (Keo Griffith)

Archive Project

In the coming months and perhaps years, I wish to take you on a journey through the past - my musical past to be exact. Though this idea had been brewing in my head for quite some time, the pandemic served as a catalyst, giving me cause to reflect deeply on my life (as it undoubtedly has done for countless others), affording me time to rummage through hours upon hours of cassette tapes, DATS, MP3s, WAVs and what have you, and providing the impetus to create an archive of my music, a depository of recordings chronicling my sonic activities over the past few decades. From my early attempts at multi-track recording on a TEAC Portastudio to state of art studio recordings, the archive will hopefully give you a look at my musical odyssey from a rock drummer to percussionist, improvisor, soundartist and now even a singer songwriter. My early roots in rockn’roll and the blues are sadly absent but my penchant for progrock, world music and experimental music should be well represented. I shied away from live material for the most part, relying instead on my recorded output from the aforementioned home and studio sessions. Due credit was given wherever possible but some of the information may be wrong or altogether missing. It would please me to no end if anyone could enlighten me on any of the erroneous or deficient data.

My archive will live on my Bandcamp page:

Archive Project - Tape Recorder


2023 Of What I've Seen (Accretions)
A collaboration with poet Roger Aplon.

Of What I've Seen
2023 Black Crow Flies (OurTown)
Single off of OurTown's album Dreams of You.

Misawa Hiroki 2
2023 Dreams of You - OurTown (OurTown)
Second full-length album from the transcontinental trio.

Misawa Hiroki 2
2022 Essentials of Miwa Jiro (DIW)
Played drums on a couple of tracks on this compilation LP.

Misawa Hiroki 2
2022 Misawa Hiroki 2
Played some percussion on Hiroki Misawa'a second solo album available on vinyl, cassette and digital.

Misawa Hiroki 2
2021 OurTown - Passage (OurTown)
Two-song EP with accompanying video pieces.

OurTown - Passage
2021 Marco and The Wild Machinations (Accretions)
Six songs stretching across the spectrum of rock stylings past and present.

TCS - Tree
2021 TCS - Tree (TCS)
The third release from the post rock outfit.

TCS - Tree
2021 TNBT - Panthemic (TNBT)
First full-length release from the Yokohama-based improvising collective.

TNBT - Panthemic
2020 OurTown - Here We Are (OurTown)
Transcontinental collaboration by Marcos Fernandes, Elizabeth Levett and William Gibson.

OurTown - Here We Are
2020 WabiSabi Club (Minnna Kikeru)
Wabisabi Club is a synth pop outfit from Yokohama

WabiSabi Club
2020 Various Artists - 35 (Accretions)
Marcos Fernandes and Hans Fjellestad plus Salmagundi and The Argonauts

Various Artists - 35
2020 OurTown - OBeach Girl (OurTown)
Second single from the transcontinental trio.

OurTown - OBeach Girl
2020 OurTown - When All This Blows Over (OurTown)
Single from the tanscontinental trio of Marcos Fernandes, William Gibson, Elizabeth Levett-Fortier.

OurTown - When All This Blows Over
2020 Live in the Pit (Accretions)
Marcos fernandes, Lisle Ellis, Robert Montoya

Live in the Pit
2020 Luz Azul (Cortizona)
Anna Homler, Marcos Fernandes, Robert Montoya

Luz Azul
2019 Wormhole - Last Waltz (Accretions)

Wormhole - Last Waltz
2018 The Argonauts - The Heat Is On (Accretions)

The Argonauts - The Heat Is On
2018 The Argonauts - Melody (Accretions)

The Argonauts - Melody
2018 The League of Assholes - RAW MEAT DIET (Titicacaman)
Argonoise: DB, Risa Takeda, Marcos fernandes

The League of Assholes - RAW MEAT DIET
2018 The League of Assholes - IM PEACH (The Sequel) (Titicacaman)

The League of Assholes - IM PEACH (The Sequel)
2017 Hiroki Misawa - Discovery: Yume No Yokohama (Download)
Wabi Sabi Club: Hiroki Misawa, Ryo Okada, Marcos Fernandes

Hiroki Misawa - Discovery: Yume No Yokohama
2017 The Argonauts - Proxima b (Accretions)

The Argonauts - Proxima b
2016 The Argonauts - Here Come The Argonauts! (Accretions)

The Argonauts - Here Come The Argonauts!
2016 Chihiro Butterfly - After 311 (Accretions)
Soojung Kae, Woon Jung Sim, Kota Arai, Marcos Fernandes

Chihiro Butterfly - After 311
2015 Various Artists - 30 (Accretions)

Various Artists - 30
2015 Melt - Pure Melt (Accretions/Disk Union)
Takashi Ueno, Jyoji Sawada, Marcos Fernandes

Melt - Pure Melt
2015 Kokusai Obake Rengo (Enban)
Hiroki Misawa, Kotaro Amano, Naoya Osuga, Marcos Fernandes

Kokusai Obake Rengo - Enban
2014 Sounding the Space: Music for Architecture (DVD, Accretions)
Directed by Hans Fjellestad

Sounding the Space - a documentary film by Hans Fjellestad
2014 Various Artists: T(h)ree vol. 3 From Portugal to Japan to South Korea (Cobra Discos/Uplift Jazz)
Marcos Fernandes and Chu Makino

Various Artists: T(h)ree vol. 3 From Portugal to Japan to South Korea
2014 SukeRock san/Cleaning Up Boogie (7" single from Disk Union)
Miwa Jiro & Mother Complex

Miwa Jiro & Mother Complex - SukeRock san/Cleaning Up Boogie
2014 lll (Disk Union)
Miwa Jiro (Jiro Miwa, Jyoji Sawada, Marcos Fernandes, others)

Miwa Jiro (Jiro Miwa, Jyoji Sawada, Marcos Fernandes, others) - COMIC EP
2014 COMIC EP (cassette and digital download on ledd than TV)
Misawa Hiroki & Okabayashi Rockn'roll Center

Misawa Hiroki & Okabayashi Rockn'roll Center - COMIC EP
2014 Autumn Soundscapes II (Mandorla)
A digital compilation focused on different approaches to Field Recording and Soundscape Composition, including 27 artists & more than 3 hours of sonic pleasure.

Autumn Sounscapes II
2013 Kokusai Obake Rengo (iTunes | CD Baby)
Kokusai Obake Rengo: Hiroki Misawa, Kotaro Amano, Naoya Osuga, Marcos Fernandes

Salmagundi - Pilgrimage
2011-2012 Salmagundi - singles from their upcoming full length release (iTunes | CD Baby)
Salmagundi: Marcos Fernandes, Sangwoo Lee plus special guests

Salmagundi - Pilgrimage
2011 Kid Champion Digital Album
Barefoot Hockey Goalie: Blair Hatch, Tony Acquerelli, Matthew T Pray, Marcos Fernandes + others

Barefoot Hockey Goalie - Kid Champion
2009 Live at Quiet MPRN-006
Marcos Fernandes, Lisle Elis.

Marcos Fernandes, Lisle Ellis
2007 Jerks and Creeps Accretions alp046
Marcos Fernandes, Bill Horist, Haco, Masafumi Ezaki, Bunsho Nishikawa, Tim Olive.

Jerks and Creeps
2006 a mountain is a mammal Accretions alp042
Marcos Fernandes, Mike Pride (NYC)

a mountain is a mammal
2006 Rubble 2 Accretions/Circumvention A/C-202
Marcos Fernandes/Lisle Ellis, Trio Maghreb plus others

Rubble 2
2006 Haco Hans Jakob Marcos Accretions alp040
Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Haco Jakob, Riis

Haco Hans Jakob Marcos
2006 Reverberations From Spring Past Pax Recordings PR90281
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Marcos Fernandes, Robert Montoya and Rent Romus recorded live and in studio during Spring Reverb 04 in San Diego.

Reverberations From Spring Past
2005 We Are Public Eyesore PIT97
Marcos Fernandes' collaboration with Emily Hay (Los Angeles) also featuring Lisle Ellis (NYC), Ellen Weller, Al Scholl (Denver).

We Are
2003 The Phonographers Union: - Live on Sonarchy Radio Accretions alp033
Steve Barsotti, Christopher DeLaurenti, Marcos Fernandes, Mark Griswold, Alex Keller, Dale Lloyd, Perri Lynch, Rob Millis, Toby Paddock - field recordings

The Phonographers Union: - Live on Sonarchy Radio
2002 Hybrid Vigor Accretions alp027
Nathan Hubbard - percussion, electronics; Robert Montoya - percussion, sampler
Hans Fjellestad - piano, synthesizer, Jason Robinson - sax, flute; Joscha Oetz - bass;
Marcelo Radulovich - guitar, radio, flute; Michael Dessen - trombone;
Scott Homan - guitar; Damon Holzborn - guitar; Philip Gelb - shakuhachi;
Lisle Ellis - bass; David Gould - percussion; Kristy Cheadle - percussion
Marcos Fernandes - percussion, sampler, field recordings;

Hybrid Vigor


As performer/producer:

Marcos Fernandes • Hybrid Vigor ('02)
Radulovich/Fernandes • The Whisper Chipper ('00)
Wormhole Effect • The Bastard Musicians of Mesmer ('98)
Various Artists • Trummerflora 2 ('98)
Wormhole Effect • Wormhole Effect ('97)
Burning Bridges Feast of Fools ('96)
Various Artists • Trummerflora ('95)
Marcelo Radulovich • Marcelo Radulovich ('94)
Burning Bridges • From Benny's Tiki Room And Ammo Dump ('92)
Burning Bridges • Burning Bridges ('89)
Burning Bridges • Brand New Vision/Yayo ('86)
Laws of Motion • Living In Real Time (World Records, '84)
As performer:
Abel Ashes and The Runs • Eat Plastic (Abel Ashes 2007)
Emily Hay • Like Minds (Pfmentum '05)
Miya Masaoka • For Birds, Planes & Cello (Solitary B '05)
Various Artists • Voices in the Wilderness: Dissenting Soundscapes and Songs of G.W.'s America (Pax Recordings '05)
Various Artists • 6 (and/OAR 05)
Ellen Weller • Spirits, Little Dreams and Improvisations (Circumvention 05)
Trummerflora Collective • Rubble 1 (Accretions/Circumvention 05)
Emily Hay • Like Minds (Pfmentum '05)
Various Artists • 6 (pho/6 '04)
Trummerflora Collective • Rubble 1 ('04)
Locations Volume Two (Ribosome Music '04)
Various Artists • Frontier Life: Banda Sonora ('03)
Nathan Hubbard • Skeleton Key Orchestra (Circumvention Music '03)
Various Artists • Field Recordings and Manipulations (Bake Records/Staalplat '03)
Marcelo Radulovich • Hello ('02)
Various Artists • Track Whore Volume 2 & 3 (Pan Handler '02)
Various Artists • 1, 2 & 3 ( '01/02)
Trummerflora Collective • No Stars Please ('01)
Radulovich/Fernandes • The Whisper Chipper ('00)
Hans Fjellestad • Red Sauce Baby ('00)
Marcelo Radulovich • 2 Brains ('99)
Various Artists • ...and the reindeer you rode in on... ('99)
Mark Hunton • The Towering Sky (Spotted Pecary, '99)
Formula • Jolk (Distort-o-Records, '99)
Z.O Voider • Travelogue (Accretions/Martian Consulate '97)
Marcelo Radulovich • To Lilliput & Back vol. one ('96)
A Rope of Feathers • A Rope of Feathers (Dream Chair '93)
Guam Caucus • Guam Caucus ('85)
Various Artists • Local Heroes (91X, '85)
All titles Accretions uness otherwise noted.

Emily Hay - Like Minds

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